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CFR: RIP Liberal World Order because of Trump

FACEBOOK Gathering Android Users Calls/Text

Dept. of Defense Loves Hollywood

APPLE: From Privacy Pioneers to Most Evil Company on Earth

APPLE = CHINESE GOV'T: Turns over iCloud Data and Intellectual Property

APPLE: Removes VPN apps in China per Gov't request


CISCO learns from Wikileaks that CIA hack it's system

$289 Million awarded in Lawsuit against Monsanto

FACEBOOK Employees Challenge it's 'Intolerant Liberal Culture'

Fingerprints from Photo leads to Conviction

PANAMA PAPERS: Biggest data Leak in History

Nxivm Sex Slaves 'Branded' by Hollywood Actress admits "It was my Idea"

NASA: Carbon Dioxide "Most efficient COOLANT in thermosphere" 


Saudi Arabia Begins Assult on Yemen

Man Serves Jail Time for Overgrown Lawn

Study: Gov't #1 Killer in 20th Century

Jade Helm 15 and the Police State Conditioning

Corporations can sue states under TPP

WikiLeaks Reveals Secret Trade Agreement 

Intellectuals as Servants of the State

Hacker Group Ties to NSA

iPhone App will use Music to Treat depression, insomnia and autism 

Why Google Made the NSA

VIDEO* Snowden to IT conference: "You are surveillance targets"

Right Wing Terror

Facebook Drones!

Harvard: Privacy is Dead 


KKK Founded by Democratic Party

Bilderberg 60 years later

Google: Live to be 500

China holding Record U.S Debt

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