Bitcoin The Evolution

  By now I'm sure all of you in some way have heard of this thing called Bitcoin. Bitcoin is the first decentralized, digital currency that uses the internet to buy, trade and exchange money worldwide. Decentralized meaning you don't have over bearing banks or financial institutions charging and telling you how to use your own money. Bitcoin is not a fiat printed currency like our dollar so there no risk of inflation and the main benefit I see from Bitcoin is keeping prying eyes like the IRS away from your money. Like I said Bitcoin is a digital currency that fluctuates just the dollar and other currencies.

  The story I'm about to tell you is a personal story of regret
 A little over a year ago I heard about this Bitcoin thing and after doing some research it got me real excited. I told myself my friends and family that this is the future. The dollar is going nowhere and even if it was it's still controlled by institutions and governments. I went on and on about Bitcoin (BTC for short). And this was when BTC was hovering between $9 and $12! 
  I did end up buying a couple of Bitcoins and at that time; a year and half ago I told myself to invest at least $1000. Now Bitcoin is well over $400 for one! We should all revel in the fact that this exists because what it means is that we get to keep our own money and watch it grow! I predict by this time next year BTC will be around $1500 if not more. Major companies like Amazon are now beginning to accept BTC because they know this is the future.  JP Morgan Chase is even trying to capitalize on Bitcoin. Many other retailers also accept BTC.
 Even if your not looking to buy using BTC it's a safe haven for your money and within 15mins that money can be transferred into cash around the world. The dollar is already at an an all time low.  No more will we have big brother watching our spending habit's, No more will we have our money lose value and No more will we be taxed on what we earn. Don't make the mistake I did and start investing in Bitcoin now. It's only going to rise in value and it's only going to gain popularity.

  Bitcoin is inflation proof because it's not printed hand over the fist like the dollar and the only way to stop BTC is to shut down the internet. The global economy relies on consumers and consumers do everything online from banking to shopping. Everyone reading this should consider BTC as an investment before it becomes way too expensive. Whether we like it or not Bitcoin may very well destroy the dollar. Blockchain is a leading Bitcoin wallet it's fast, free and in about 5 minuets you can have your very own wallet and address. You can go to any place that does western union or money gram and in less than a half hour you will have the Bitcoins in your own personal wallet and with this you can keep your hard earned money hidden and transfer it globally.

If you're still unsure or have questions about Bitcoin please feel free to contact me and I will help you and tell you some other uses of Bitcoin.

                                                                                                  - Sodaghar 12/12/13

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