ICANN and the United Nations

  The US has confirmed it is finally ready to cede power of the internet’s naming system, ending the almost 20-year process to hand over a crucial part of the internet's governance.

In an earlier post this year I wrote a little tidbit on how there is a DATA ESCROW AGENT Program. Anyone who followed that trail will know this is run by ICANN which stands for the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. Basically they are in charge of issuing your IP address. They control numbers, all numbers on the internet. Without an IP you don't exist on the web. In basic terms your IP links to their DNS (Domain Name System). They run the gTLD and this gives your place on the web(if they allow it). ICANN has the power to revoke your IP, NS, and DNS. In the previous article I said "There is also a DATA ESCROW AGENT program which is Big Brother in the realm of Internet Protocol." And this is now more solidified through the Alliance with the UN. In their first draft from ICANN on the DATA ESCROW AGENT program back in the late nineties it was something out of a sci-fi film giving AGENTS god-like powers over IP, Spying, and Data Mining. Into other things like 'How handwritten Encryption needs to be sent back to ICANN.'

  DATA AGENT third parties physically have the data, physically store the data  and physically send the data.

                    All data...

 In the mid 2000's ICANN and IRON MOUNTAIN formed the agreement on the new DATA ESCROW AGENT PROGRAM. Know that a handful of people in the United States hold the Keys to the Internet and now it will be the UN and all their round tables.

Below is a link to these DATA ESCROW AGENT contracts and agreements along with ICANN's full archive of data.


                                                                                            -SODAGHAR 8/19/16


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