2014 The Year of Government

2014 will be the year government shows their true colors. Already starting January 1st we the people are culled into socialized health care under the "affordable" care act where the healthy pay for the sick and the young for the old and if you don't want any part of it prepare to be fined. 2014 will also be the year where already 20 states have in some form decriminalized marijuana but according to our government you are still a criminal under federal law. It's my understanding of the United States Constitution that the State Government is GREATER than the Federal Government but over the decades this has been forgotten or ignored. It even goes beyond state into the county's if people in local government understood. A county or a state can legalize something and under the constitution this is law. If a county or state wanted to legalize drugs or same sex marriage the federal government has no authority over this. Same with the sheriff departments in all states and counties they can tell homeland security and the feds to GTFO and they would have constitutional authority to do so. Even jury's can overrule laws or judges we the people just need to be aware of this. I predict 2014 will also be the year of the awake. People no longer buy into the concept of government's being the end-all problem solver and is seen more of as a joke rather than any position of authority. Seriously SNL couldn't come with a funnier skit than Clinton, Bush and Obama as our "leaders" and congress has had less than 10% approval since Bush and continues to decrease. 40,000 new laws will take effect in 2014 and we the people can only laugh at this so called government. 2014 will be the year of the drone, the year of NSA spying and the year of crypto currency. I for one am glad the government is showing it's hand because this will only solidify those who are awake. 2014 will be a year consciousness takes hold and for the unconscious the year of rude awakenings. "But Josh the stocks are at record high look how awesome we are doing" This is a fools quote because they don't understand the federal reserve is pumping trillions into the stock market daily. They also don't understand the definition of inflation because if stocks are at a certain number and the value of the currency is reduced by more than half then you are looking at a fake number. Same with unemployment; they claim it's at 8% or so but don't take into account those who stopped receiving unemployment benefits or stopped looking for a job all together. 2014 will be the year of hope or despair. We choose it's outcome. Happy new year.

                                                                                                          - Sodaghar 1/1/14

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