Historic Jury Decision Proves Power of the People

 Broward County Florida : A jury acquits a marijuana grower with 46 plants citing medical use and  proves the true power is always within the people.

  Two years ago Jesse Teplicki got a visit from detectives and was arrested. He is the first defendant in Florida to argue medicinal use of the plant. "You saved my life" as he wept and told the jury after the not guilty decision was reached. Possession of Cannabis can get you up to 5 years in prison but honestly who is going to convict someone over marijuana these days when half the country has some form of legal weed. I know I wouldn't. This is why you always go to trial by jury and NEVER take a plea deal. A jury of your peers is higher than any judge or any law and as Americans we seem to forget that as sovereigns we are in full control. Jury Nullification is a term that can be used when even though you might be breaking a "law" the jury finds that "law" to be ridiculous.

 Remember there was a time in this country when slavery was legal and just because it's a "law" doesn't make it right.

         Jury's around the country are also responsible for acquitting people being charged with tax evasion citing to the IRS "show me the law".

"A federal jury in Memphis has acquitted a FedEx pilot on six counts of tax evasion after she testified that she wrote letters asking the Internal Revenue Service what law required her to pay taxes but never received a response."

 This truly is a historic day not just for Florida but for the whole country and a silver lining in what seems to be endless dark. I have not heard any mainstream media talking about this because they do not want you to know where the true power lies which is YOU. Imagine 15 years ago getting caught with 46 marijuana plants! It would have made national news and pinned you as some drug lord. With the nations capitol Washington D.C legalizing pot  I can't imagine any cop or jury convicting anyone over this medical plant.

   Last year Florida voted 58%  to get medical marijuana in the state but because of a "law" passed two years prior requiring 60% of the vote if it's an amendment to the states constitution Florida is now lagging behind the rest of the country.

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